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  1. When I send an email from Thunderbird using stationery to a recipient who has Gmail, which is most of my contacts, the message isn't showing up for them the way it's leaving my laptop. For example, the email I send to a contact doesn't only appear in the message area of the stationery. It starts inside the picture on the stationery then runs into the message area. Also, the stationery size is only as large, or small as my email. This is completely different than what it looks like to me before I send it. Is this simply the way Gmail displays the stationery? Thanks for your time!
  2. I very much appreciate this info, Ben David. I won't have access to my brother's laptop for a while, as he's left to go back home to FL. However, I will keep these instructions handy for when I see him again. Annie
  3. Thanks for your reply, Ben-David. I did as you suggested above as soon as I had the laptop in my possession. Malwarebytes found nothing on his laptop. As you may have read in one of my other posts above, I also ran a few other programs, all w/the same outcomes, but the popup still appeared. I certainly don't know enough to help him any further.
  4. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'll try my best to get that done while he's still here. He knows so little about the computer when it comes to installing programs. The ones he has now I installed for him. I really appreciate your recommendation!
  5. I was able to get a snap shot of this popup on my brother's laptop. He's in TN due to our mother being in the hospital, & I asked that he bring his laptop w/him. While I've had access to it I ran the spyware programs that C8 recommends, MSE, went to Trend Micro, & ran House Calls. All found nothing. I am however baffled that when I tried to do a system restore I found the most resent date available was Nov. 2011. I'm not knowledgeable enough to have any idea what that's all about. And, I've since learned that this popup doesn't actually shut his computer down. It simply frustrates him when he's typing something, & it pops up that he has to stop what he's doing to close it, & continue w/what he was doing. It won't pop up again for 3 or 4 hours after that. This has been going on now for a year or so. I just don't know why he let it go for so long?! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v92/dab757/Irfanview/WindowsPopup.png
  6. After talking to my brother on the phone yesterday, I've suggested he seriously consider Direct Connect Computer Service. I sent a link. There was no way I could help him w/out being there, & even then don't know that I could have. He told me the most recent date in system restore was Nov. 2011.(??) Also, apparently this "install genuine windows" pop-up has been going on for 6 months to a year! He says he'd just simply close it every time it popped up. Just wanted to update on what I found out.
  7. Oh, boy. On my way! Thanks so much!!
  8. My brother lives in FL, & I in TN. He really doesn't know much @ all about computers, & emails me for help when he runs in to a problem. I received the following from him this morning... ''install genuine windows'' keeps popping up and shuts me down! Problem is, they want to charge me $100 to install it! It'll pop up 4, or 5, times a day! This appeared suspicious to me because of the $100, & shutting down of his laptop, so I suggested he update, & run a full scan of Malwarebytes. I haven't heard anything from him yet as to whether it worked or not, but in the meantime, are there any other suggestions? Thanks so much for your time! Annie
  9. This is true, Daniela. I've not been running a server station that's updated its operating system. And, I honestly do not remember installing that program...ever. I only install programs TC & EB recommend anyway, & I don't recall them recommending it. And, the updater was so fast when it would pop up, that I couldn't get the name on it until yesterday morning. My reaction was a little faster, & I was able to get it. I couldn't find it installed on my laptop at all. That's when I started searching the net, then posted about it. I've run Malwarebytes, & so far everything seems to be OK with the updater popping up. I sure appreciate your time! Thanks much!
  10. Well, after searching for what seems like hrs, I've found that apparently it's a MS security update causing my Task Scheduler corruption. I found that info here. I've found absolutely no trace of 'ParetoLogic' in the OS program-uninstall utility. I looked again in 'Revo,' & no trace there either. I did, however find a few registry entries that I deleted. I also ran Ccleaner afterwards. I went back to the Task Scheduler, & was able this time to delete the updater by highlighting the 'Task Scheduler Library.' I simply had 'Task Scheduler' highlighted the first time, so hopefully now I'll be rid of this annoyance. Thanks so much for your reply! Dannie
  11. This updater has corrupted, or tampered w/my task scheduler. I've tried to go in to delete it to keep it from updating itself, but I get that message each time, so I cannot delete it. It's my guess that it's this particular updater that's the culprit. I have no idea how it even weaseled itself onto my laptop. I don't think the program itself is actually installed, as it's not listed in "Revo," & folders that I do find labeled w/it's name are empty, so I can't uninstall it. I have no idea how to rid my laptop of this nuisance. Has anyone ever heard of it, &/or how to get rid of it? Thanks! (:
  12. I'll pass this on to her...thanks so much BenDavid!
  13. My niece sent the following to me via e-mail this a.m. Thought I'd bring it here, as I have no idea how to help her. I'd appreciate any help anyone may have. Thanks! "My desktop was working, then I accidently unplugged it when it was on, and now when I try to turn it on it acts as if its going to come on, then the monitor says there is no connection. I have unplugged every thing and reset everything and still nothing. ANY IDEAS?"
  14. Problem solved, Daniela...thank you very much!
  15. How do I keep my screen saver from going off on my laptop? It comes on fine after the time I've set, but goes off after a while, (& not too long a while) then the screen goes black. I'm running Vista, & have been in to the "Personalization" menu, but I don't see how to change anything there to keep this from happening. Maybe it's supposed to? Thanks!