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  1. Certainly sounds like a scam, I too would have hung up.
  2. I know I'm not Darcy or TC Pat but I always write my letters on Wordpad. Very easy to use and already installed.
  3. Sorry I could not be of more help.
  4. Sorry it is 'reply to this topic'. On the main forum page by the subject it also shows the page numbers there, do you see
  5. Hi Linda at the bottom of the page under the last post on the left hand side (near post reply) you will see the page numbers listed and you can go back and forward by clicking which page you want.
  6. Well that didn't take long to happen did it? I never even tried it. Put FF straight back in.
  7. I always use Macrium Reflect and back up to an external drive. There is a free version and paid version, I always use the freebie. http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx
  8. Hi Shamrock, I have used the free version of this for several years and find it excellent. Have never had the need to to buy the paid version.
  9. I have used Macruim Reflect free for several years now and never had to pay. I find it an excellent programme and it takes about nine minutes to back up my main drive. Must admit have never heard of Genie.
  10. Glad you got a refund, don't use Emisoft myself but know it is highly recommended.
  11. Err could you say that again???? Seems you need to be a real expert to understand all that. Sorry I'm no help at all.
  12. That's good, it's a nice feeling when a problem is solved.
  13. Ctrl- reduces the size print and ctrl+ increases the size
  14. Hope you find what you are looking for, it does sound interesting. Maybe you could post a link if you find it.