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  1. Windows Live Mail program is no longer supported by Microsoft and we are finding many are corrupting now. So, if you mean a tech setup Windows Live Mail and put your gmail email account in Live, you should not even use Windows Live. If you mean that a tech setup gmail to check a live email address, you can log in to gmail and go to settings, accounts, and remove it. We are offering setup of Thunderbird with up to three email accounts in case you are interested in that service. http://thundercloud.net/direct/tbird/ Darcy, Cloudeight
  2. Hi Jennie We respond to all mail and I can only suggest you check your junk mail/spam folder for responses, or get a free gmail account in case your isp is censoring and deleting your email. I don't have your name or email address as you are "Jennie" here.. so email us via our main form at http://www.thundercloud.net/infoave/new/contact-us-2/ and provide an alternate email address. As far as FolderMagic, it has not changed or updated in many years and continues to work exactly the same, so reinstalling or licensing it does not affect the program if previously installed. If you need to reinstall icon packs, you can find them at the FolderMagic site. Darcy, Cloudeight
  3. You did the right thing - hang up immediately! Don't ask them questions, don't answer their questions. Just hang up. Answer from knitwit is funny.. and actually if you are going to say anything, that is a good response!! No one from Microsoft is ever ever going to call you to say something like this, nor is any legit software company. Just a big SCAM! Darcy, Cloudeight
  4. HI Jennie If you have ordered from us before, and misplace a license, you can just email us and we will resend your original order. As far as Outlook, you can always copy/paste links to browser if the program gives you errors. Would not be able to troubleshoot without knowing lots of details (windows version, av being used, outlook version, browser linked, etc), so a possible easy solution is to have Thunderbird installed and use that for your email. you can do that, or we can: http://thundercloud.net/tbird Darcy, Cloudeight
  5. Just a note for anyone reading this - I connected to Fred and fixed his problem. He accidentally "hid" the menu on messages he was writing. I clicked the ALT key to see the menu bar as it was hidden, then clicked View, and Toolbars and checked Composition Bar, Menu Bar, and Formatting Bar. Darcy
  6. HI Fred, sounds like you changed a few things in main menu - I will get ahold of you and show you how to drag/drop to change that menu. Darcy, Cloudeight
  7. If this has not updated, try a reboot and it should update automatically as long as you have an internet connection. If it does not, email us and we can further advise. Darcy
  8. As always, email stationery is for those using mail programs not web-based mail. It has been this way since we started creating stationery in the 90s. If you have a friend that only gets mail on the web, instead of a mail program, you will know not to send them stationery. Or you can refer them to get Thunderbird. All mail addressees can be setup in Thunderbird. Darcy, Cloudeight
  9. you can leave it on or off if you are using Emsisoft. Darcy, Cloudeight
  10. what browser are you using, and what version of windows? Darcy
  11. Our help page and information can be found at http://thundercloud.net/tbird Darcy
  12. All printers have downloadable setup files. Just be sure you are on the actual site of your printer when you do this. For example, doing a search for HP Printer Drivers, the first on the list is HP Printers Drivers Download - DriverUpdate.net‎ Adhp-printer.driverupdate.net/‎ That is NOT HP and is a scammy site trying to get you on their page. Just go to hp.com for example, to be sure you are at HP Darcy, Cloudeight
  13. Not sure what you are referring to, but it may have been FolderMagic, which is one of our own programs http://foldermagic.com Darcy, Cloudeight
  14. No, we won't remove Windows Live Darcy, Cloudeight
  15. Hi Nikilet It will be a perfectly smooth transition; since you have imap, all folders and mails in the folders will appear in Thunderbird. Imap mirrors the server, so any computers you have mail setup on will all be identical as well, or any phones. If you were using pop3, you would have to import the mail to Thunderbird, but you are already using imap, so no need to do a manual import. It all be automatic. We are seeing more and more folks with corrupt Windows Live Mail, and they are losing all their mail, or corrupting single folders. Microsoft ends support and updates in January. Darcy, Cloudeight
  16. Hi Emily First off, your server/isp has nothing to do with whether your computer is turned on, working, etc. They are only for connecting to webpages, email, etc. once your computer is on and connected to them. Power to the modem has nothing to do with the computer itself either. Sounds like something fried if your computer is not coming on. My guess is the on/off switch or the motherboard. It is not something visable. Vista is quite old and I would advise not putting any money into this to fix it as you will be losing all support anyway as far as updates from Microsoft and most major programs. A new laptop will run you around $300 and the ONLY things you really need are the following: 1. Screensize you like 2. 4 gig of RAM (more if you can get it) 3. 500 gig to 1 TB hard drive (most all on the market have this as minumum) Past that, don't let anyone tell you that you need other bells and whistles unless you are a power gamer or 3d render expert. Darcy, Cloudeight
  17. This will assist you http://www.thundercloud.net/infoave/new/change-your-computer-name-user-name-and-password-in-windows-10/ Darcy, Cloudeight
  18. Here is a tutorial for an image backup: http://www.thundercloud.net/infoave/new/the-image-backup-feature-in-windows-10/ Be sure you use the File History feature in Windows 10 too. Darcy, Cloudeight
  19. Check the addons and make sure you don't have any that are questionable, or unneeded. Addons can corrupt the browser so you may need to reinstall it. Here is a help page on this: http://www.thundercloud.net/infoave/new/how-to-fix-your-chrome-browser/ Darcy
  20. You probably just set it as default from browser settings? You also have to open control panel, go to default programs and click Set Default Programs. Scroll to Google Chrome and make sure it is set for all defaults by clicking the "Set this program as default" twice, so that it is using all defaults. Sometimes when Windows has a major update, you will have to go in to default programs and do this again. Darcy, Cloudeight
  21. I wouldn't go as far as a restore for first try. Run a sfc /scannow in at Run Command. This will repair system files. Our Infoave Site has lots of tutorials with a search feature and can be found at http://thundercloud.net/infoave/new Here is one on how to change computer name: http://www.thundercloud.net/infoave/new/changing-the-name-of-your-computer/ Here is more info on sfc /scannow: http://www.thundercloud.net/infoave/new/chkdsk-vs-sfc/ Darcy, Cloudeight
  22. If you are referring to Windows 10, just type Update in your search and it will show up. Otherwise, easy way to get to updates is to Click Settings, then "Update and Security". Darcy
  23. If this is a wireless mouse, have you changed the batteries; intermittent sluggish/slowness indicates a weak battery. Otherwise, how old is the mouse? It may be it is wearing out; new ones are quite cheap. Darcy
  24. What mail program you are using? Darcy
  25. You can leave as is, but if you ever lost pass, you would not be able to recover it. Or you can log in and go to your settings and update it. Darcy