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  1. Thanks Darcy thanks for the info. Cheers,sso, Joe.
  2. Dear readers,it has been some time sinceI have been on this sitebut here I'm with some questions and I hope some of you out there will be able to help me. A short time ago my hard drive went belly up and to my dismay I lost everything I had ,witch is not much by some peoples standards.no pic or any important documents.Now that I'm up & running again will some of you please give me some good advice.Should I get myself a hard drive back up & I also had a password back up program ,all is lost & I dont remember the name of the programto put it back on ,I did get it through cloud eight some time ago.If any one out there has any good advice for me I wiuld really appreciate it. Cheers,sso joe
  3. Thanks for your interest in trying to help me,to make a long story short I had trouble with this computer shutting down on me with out warning,the Asus people at their help line suggested I try system reset and I lost everything that i had from before.My grandson helped me to get up and running again,but now I have chrome as a browser a email program I dont like and a password I have to put in to access my computer.I"m old, tired and confused about the whole thing, hopefully cloudeight will come to my rescue and put my computer back to where it was. Thanks again, .
  4. Can any one out there help me with this mater!!!
  5. I'm running windows 8 and I put control userpasswords2 into the command prompt ( adm ) and pressed enter,it just says not reconized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file,thats it.
  6. some how due to my stupidity I have put a password on my computer to gain access to it,this is very annoying to me as I don't want or need a password for access to my computer.Will some one please explain to me how do I rid myself of this? ( PLEASE HELP !! )
  7. Thankyou for your advise,so far I have had no more problems,if I do I will contact Asus again.
  8. Thanks for your input Munchkin,I looked on the Asus site but to no avail,after the help line told me not to leave my computer in standby it has so far solved my problem.
  9. I purchased a new Asus desk top computer at the beginning of 2014 with windows 8 installed, all went well up to about a week ago when I started having a problem. At the end of the day I usually put the computer into hibernation mode until the following morning when I start it up again, but lately it has been turning it's self off and wont start up until I unplug and plug it back in again. I called the Asus help line whitch is in Jamaca at a cost of 50cents a minute,they told me not to leave the computer in standby mode for any length ot time but to turn it off completely,yet my old computer I use to leave it on standbyalmost all the time with no problems. Am I over reacting or is this the norm? P S. why not have a help # in the U S A.
  10. Am I going to have to pay to get Info Ave premium now? I have been getting it for quite a few years now except for last week that I never received,I just got Information Avenue #631 last week.Does anyone know about this ?
  11. Thankyou Ben David,I was hoping you would reply to my post,I'm going to go with windows 7 & I can always up grade to windows 8 down the road.
  12. I'm really put off with all the negitive talk about windows 8. does any one have any knowledge about window 7, if you can still get it, how much longer microsoft is going to support it and does it have its own e mail client like outlook express ? Hope you can tell me about it the pros & cons. Thanks, ssojoe
  13. Thankyou Ben David, your advice is very important to me. Yours In Trust, ssojoe.
  14. Thankyou Ben David,I appreciate your advice,just a question, why do you think chrome is a better choice than firefox? thanks for your input. ssojoe