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  1. My Thunderbird account is working....thank to Darcy! It looks like it will be fairly easy to understand. Darcy also made changes on my new computer so that now it looks more like it should, and will probably function more efficiently. It is amazing to watch how fast she can work and get THINGS DONE! Thankfully, she got rid of McAfee and put Emsisoft on there. Wonderful to have someone you can trust to make all these changes and make everything work better. Keep up the good work, Darcy and TC! We need you and appreciate what you do for so many!
  2. TERMINALLY The electrical repair man is now almost late, like yesterday! FRUSTRATED
  3. Rosie, this was a hard one. I used to get sentences immediately....not lately!! SENSITIVELY Sam emailed news, sent it to virtually everyone, like you! RECIPIENTS
  4. I just had a call from someone about my computer.....I told him I was not going to fall for his scam....he said, "No mam this is not a scam, I can give you the address of your computer" . He then told me my name and address. Said I had files on my computer. something about micro error, He wanted me to go the computer and he could show me the files. He said he had been trying to let me know for two weeks, and that is about how long I have had problems! I told him I had had an expert checking my computer yesterday and he found no files. I hung up! Hope I did the right thing. He offered to give me his license number, etc.....
  5. Yesterday, after not being able to connect on Monday, I was able to connect my failing computer with TC. It took a long time with emails back and forth from this old computer before we finally got started. Anyway, TC was very patient and helpful, and spent far more time than I expected. He was able to fix a few things, but the major problem is my hard drive which is certain to fail shortly, and which cannot be fixed except in person. (I do wish he could come by!) He offered good advice which I will follow and do something before the thing finally dies. We all are so lucky, those of us who have been fortunate enough to become acquainted with C8, to have TC and Darcy to inform us of things we need to know about computers, to answer our questions, and to just be there when we need to know something from those whom we KNOW we can trust. So....Thanks to TC and Darcy! The best in the business!!
  6. Well, I figured it out and got my gmail back...and working! Hope it continues.
  7. Oh, I guess I had signed out, then remembered I wanted to post this question. Sorry....
  8. FRIENDLIEST Frankly, Robert is expecting new developments leaving income essentially still troubled. NATIONALIST
  9. EXPLANATIONS Explain Xerox, Please; lately a new App takes it on new systems. (Bet you didn't know about that new App, Rosie! Ha Ha!) NOTIFICATIONS
  10. MEASUREMENTS Measure everything and serve up really exciting mixtures...especially notice the smiles!! (I was thinking about the recipe SIL sent today for a Irish Cream Cake!) DELIBERATIONS
  11. VERY good Rosie!! You get really good ones!! RESIDUALS Rod's email summarized in detail useful answers and legal solutions. (Rosie....I plagiarized your "summary in detail"... as you say...."Hee hee". COMPOSITION
  12. DEPRESSED David entered politics representing every serious senior, even Democrats! TEMPERATURES
  13. PROFESSIONAL Please read our FIRST extra special section in , "One Nation At Last". Ha. ha...Rosie. I did not have time, so used your wonderful sentence, changing only ONE word! PLAGIARISM
  14. THANK YOU! I must are one speedy lady!.. But we knew that. Keep up the good work. P.
  15. NATIONWIDE Newspeople attempted to inform our nation...will it divide everything?? PROCESSIONAL