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  1. temperamental They enjoyed my pies, even rhubarb, and making extra now that all liked. Sacrilegiously
  2. Warning Was Allan really not included, not good. Astroids
  3. Predominately Please read every detail of my internal notes; Allen tried explaining last year. Supposedly
  4. Jealousy Jo Ellen and Louie often use Sams Yacht. Pepperoni
  5. RENUNCIATION Rita entered new union notifications, causing immediate altercations, that is overly negative. Pessimistically
  6. Information I'm not finding our recent memos all that important or needed. Settlements
  7. Is that living quarters?
  8. Hi Freda, now what is a yurt? lol LEDERHOSEN ...I do know what this is lol Lily eventually did explain, rather hesitantly, of some extra notifications. Serendipity
  9. AMBASSADORS Allen made Ben and Sam settle a debt , obviously really smiled. Beneficially
  10. Tornadoes Today our regular newspapers are doling out exaggerated stories. Petulance
  11. TEMPERAMENTAL Try explaining many people expressing rather angry messages, ending now to also looting. Unconscionable
  12. INAUGURATION I'm not a usual grouch, unless, Ray and Tom insist on nagging. celebrations
  13. Frustrated Fred rushed us so that Ray and Ted experienced delays. Microwaves
  14. RECIPIENTS ....I am not as sharp as I used to be Pat. Senior moments lol Rita expressed concern in posting Irmas extra notes that soon. Terminally hahha
  15. Nationalist Nice and tidy is our new album list, I see that. Sensitively
  16. No Pat, that is a new one on me. lol Notifications Now ought to inform friends , I cannot always take in our new system. Friendliest
  17. Deliberations Does Ellens list include better explanations, Ray and Tim insist on new summation. Explanations Cake sounds good yum!
  18. Composition Come on Marge, put our sign in that interior office now. Measurements Good one Pat.
  19. Presidentially...hahaha doing my own word hee hee Please read Ethel's summary in detail: ever notice that it's a lot like yours? Residuals
  20. RESIDENTIAL Rita explained some information Don expected , not that it's a lot. Presidentially
  21. Just what would make me gorgeous lol Dreadlocks Did Rita explain all details, like our crazy knockout system? Perspiration
  22. TEMPERATURES To explain my position ,even remotely and truly, usually requires extensive studying. Satisfactorily Wish that photobucket would get their act together.
  23. LAKELAND Linda and Ken each landed a new deal. Depressed
  24. DESICCATED Darn, Eric said I cannot call Carl and tell every detail. Difficulty
  25. PLAGIARISM lol did I really plagiarise ? hahahahaha Paula,Lucy, and Gayle in a rare incident, shunning Marcy. Prostitution