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  1. Hi Darcy, I had FolderMagic many years ago, probably around 2004, when I had SmileyCons, Calendar Pal and GetSmile etc. I did email three times, but as I had no reply thought I would need to buy again. This is what I have done, but has also caused problems with the previously installed icons. Regards Jennie
  2. Hi, I've just bought FolderMagic again as I couldn't locate my key from the first time and I'm having all sorts of problems. i received the notification email of payment and was asked to save it for future reference, but for some reason it will not save. I get the Microsoft Office Outlook error message saying : a file error has occurred (c:\..\ Notification of payment rec..) The links in the email are not working either. Any ideas what's causing this to happen? Thanks for any help Kind Regards Jennie
  3. It's turned into a nightmare, Darcy. I did exactly as you described, but I kept getting error messages with Email Guardian saying it could only restore partially as the backup could be full and to abort. As I'm missing more and more stuff I think I'll just cut my lossed and try to remember a few of the Contacts as well as my beautiful stationery. Thanks for trying. Jennie
  4. I'm completely baffled as to why all Contacts in my Address Book have suddenly disappeared. I tried to use the Restore on Email Guardian but only succeeded in removing every piece of stationery I've collected over the years from Cloudeight. What on earth has happened? Malwarebytes showed nothing suspicious, so what to do next? I would be so happy to have the answer. Thank you for any help. Jennie
  5. I won't let this go to my head, Ben-David, so I'm sure I will be back again looking for your wonderful, friendly advice! A good weekend to you as well. Regards, Jennie
  6. Hello Ben-David, Thank you for your answer - you've come to my rescue many times in the past. However, last night I was so concerned that I couldn't access my bank account or both my webmail accounts - nor could my son...so, I stayed up till the early hours to find a solution, as he needed his Yahoo account for work purposes this weekend. The problem was that somehow script files were deleted, so I found the 3 and re-installed them. I held my breath and everything is now back as it was, so I'm over the moon! All the emails I thought were lost, from Yahoo and Gmail are in place. System Restore and the Windows Help and Support is back, so all is very well indeed. I hope this might help someone else in the future. It's good to have a happy ending isn't it? Regards, Jennie
  7. To add to the above I've just discovered that I cannot access my Facebook or Twitter account either. Jennie
  8. I've done everything you said, Darcy, but the layout of pages has changed. eg. on the Cloudeight Home Page I'm unable to select the bottom row - Cloudeight InfoAve News, World News, Technology & Internet News as there is no hand on the pointer to click. This problem is also on Outlook Express, so cannot open emails. I know you said Yahoo and Gmail shouldn't be affected, but all my emails and contacts are missing and I have no idea how to restore them as there is nothing to 'click'. What a mess! Jennie
  9. I also read that Avast was not that great, so decided to change to Microsoft Security, but how I wish I hadn't. I use the Revo Installer and ended up with 690 files left over which took ages to delete and still I had Avast stuff which refused to move. I saw on the Cloudeight home page to download aswclear in safe mode which I did, but I'm now left woth a computer in chaos! The Home page is just the basic headlines, not the usual info, I cannot access System Restore and my (and my son's) Yahoo account is minus everything including emails. The Gmail account stops at 'Loading' and goes no further. It's a miracle my Outlook Express is ok - and that I can get to this forum! Is there any hope - PLease?? Regards, Jennie
  10. Not good news, I'm afraid. I even bought different adapters and cards, but still no luck. I will just have to wait until I go to my nearest photographic shop and get them transferred on their machines. Very many thanks to Daniela and BenDavid for your time and advice. Jennie
  11. Thank you to both of you. I've noted all your advice, will work through each part and get back to you, probably some time next week. I really do appreciate your help. Jennie
  12. It is a mystery, I know, as my son has the Samsung Galaxy phone and his photos are no problem. I just put his micro card in the Reader attached to the computer and they transfer immediately. I use either Picasa or Irfanview. My phone is the Samsung Strata C3050.
  13. Thank you for your reply, Daniela. I have done as you said and double checked that it's not showing up and also tried my other card adapters, but the photos are still not downloading. Whether this makes any difference or not, I don't know, but I should have said that it's my mobile phone micro card and not my camera that's the problem. The odd thing is that it is 'talking' to the computer as the green light flashes when I insert the card, but that's as far as it goes. Jennie