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  1. SUPPOSEDLY So urgently pretty Polly offered such elegant dinner late yesterday. WARNING
  2. PEPPERONI Perhaps every poor person endures right over national insurance. AVALANCHE
  3. A mischievious Elf left North Pole
  4. There once was a lady from Jersey Who only showered on Thursday Her clothes were all clean She should climb in the machine
  5. There once was a lady from Jersey Who only showered on Thursday
  6. We used to play this on the old 50Plus senior's forum and another forum has started it again. If anyone is interested...... There was a young man named Charley Who rode to fast on his Harley He flipped on a hill Ended up with a bill And the hospital's getting quite snarly. The thing is someone starts the first line, then others add a line at a time and the one who finishes it starts another. Here goes and we'll see who would like to play. Pierre moved from France to Peru
  7. PERSPIRATION Perhaps Eric realized special proceeds in return at times in odd numbers. RESIDENTIAL
  8. SOMETIMES Susan often met Elaine through internet mail each Sunday. LANDSCAPE
  9. MOOSE Most onions odors seem extreme. LIGHT
  10. REPLY Rosie evenly paints light yellow. CLOUD
  11. BLANK Betty loves another nice kiss. VALUE
  12. SYMPATHY So you meander prettily all through happy years. RAILROAD
  13. MUNCH My Uncle Ned called home. BERRY
  14. Can I change your "LOONEY" to "LOONY" Rosie? LOONY Like only orange not yellow. TOAST
  15. NOCTURNES Nephew only can tell Uncle Richard needs everything simple. THUNDERSTORM