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  1. Yuppers! That did it..Thanks so much!! It was the most annoying thing to deal with.
  2. Thank you Darcy, at the moment I have Emsisoft helping me with this issue..they had me download a couple of programs & run some scans then I sent them back to Emsisft..waiting for further instructions tomorrow.. Sounds like they will get it all sorted out for me.. I picked up this "add on " just in the last few days..no one to blame but myself..wasn't being careful as usual, when downloading from the internet.. Old habits die hard..as soon as I have any problem with my computer I can only think of you guys..
  3. Hello, It seems that I have a hijacked browser & what a pain!! Takes me quite a while to get where I want because I'm being redirected to other sites each time I click ENTER. How do I fix this ? I assumed EMSISOFT would not allow this stuff into my system. I would appreciate some guidance on how to rid myself of this v. Thank you..Sofia
  4. Sorry, it was not my intention to add my post as a "Guest"..I didn't notice it until now. That would be weird after all these years to be coming is as a guest..wouldn't it?
  5. Thank you..That did it..I uninstalled & reinstalled as suggested from Dashlane and am finally able to use my bank account again with no problems. Thank you Eightball..that was so easy . Sofia
  6. Hello, I have this problem that I can't do my banking because of it..this Dashlane window comes up on all my banking pages since March 28th & I cannot get rid of it I cannot answer the questions it asks to make it go away because they are partially hidden but my banking page will not allow me to pay any of my bills because of it .. Can any one help with this? I tried to post an jpg that I took with "Snipping Tool" but it wouldn't allow me.. Thank you, Sofia
  7. thank you db02bb...still working on it. I don't give up so easy..lol
  8. thank you jimmer72 for your feedback ..much appreciated
  9. Hi Ben David I tried your way & still receiving same Error message.. System repair disc could not be created ..Unknown Error 0x80004005
  10. Hi Ben David.. my system is Windows 7 & I have tried both DVD & RW..still won't work
  11. Hello, I am trying to create a System repair disc & get this error.. System repair disc could not be created ..Unknown Error 0x80004005 Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you,
  12. Questions don't get answered anymore ? ..I'm starting to feel 'ignored' !?