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Colored Folders

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Hi...There was a way to color your folders in one of the newsletters a long time ago,,or

maybe it was in one of your Ebooks. Can anyone help me with this information?

Thank you..Oleanna

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If you use Windows 10 & this may work on other versions.

Search for an image on the internet with Google Image or other.  I DO NOT go to the page, just right click & 'Save Image As'.  Most are .png although Paint can change most standard picture formats to icons.  I find that 256x256 size works good for me.  Keep the picture simple.

Microsoft Paint can be used to change the .png to .ico which is the file type necessary.  Open .png in Paint.  Make any desired changes.  Go to 'Save As'.  Choose BMP.   The 'Save As' dialog will come up with 'picture name.bmp'.  Change this to read 'picture name.ico'.  Choose location to store it.  (It should be where you are not going to be moving it, as when it is moved it is necessary to restore it to the folder that you want to represent, which is not a problem, but can be time consuming if there are many folders.)

Now it is ready to represent your folder.  Right click on folder.  Choose 'Properties'.  Choose 'Customize' tab.  Choose 'Change Icon' near the bottom.  Choose 'Browse' near the top.  Go the the folder containing your new icon.  Choose your picture.  Click 'Open'.  Click 'OK'.  Click ' Apply'.  That' it.  Many times I find that I have to close the folder, then reopen it before it is visible.

I don't normally use Paint to do this & have learned something new from your question.  I do see that the outside white areas are turned to black when shown on the folders.  To get around this it is necessary to use the 'paint bucket' tool to fill in the outside area with a color.

Imagination is the limit.


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