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When I click on the size box on this page, I can't change the the text size, no matter what number I choose. That's why the small.

  My problem is that I'm using Cloudeight  as my start page.  When I click on some of the web sites, I get an orange hand followed by a clicking sound and I can't get the page I'm  looking for. It's unpredictable - sometimes it does it with every web page and sometimes I can get a few to work. Has anyone seen this before?  It only happens on that start page.

I have another problem as well. In using Gmail , the text has gotten very small.  How can I enlarge the text ?

I would appreciate any answers you at have.


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In order to answer your question regarding the "orange hand", we'd need to know what browser(s) you're using and what extensions you have installed in your browser(s). Have you tried installing a different browser (one you have never installed before) to see it that makes a difference? 

There is nothing in the code of our start page that would cause any changes in your browser.

You can resize text on this page or any other page a number of ways.. here are 2 that work with any browser:

Hold down your CTRL key and move the mouse scroll wheel away from you to enlarge everything on the page (including this page - any page). To reduce the size, hold down the CTRL key and move the mouse scroll wheel toward you. You can do this any time on any page.

Another way to do it using just the keyboard is to hold down the CTRL key and tap the + (Plus) key. The more times you tap the + (plus) key the larger the text will get. Conversely, holding down the CTRL key while tapping the - (minus or dash) key, the smaller the text and items on the page will get.

Those two resizing tricks work in any browser and on any page.

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