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Fix-it Utilities 6 Vs. System Mechanic 6

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#1 thewoodman

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Posted 07 December 2005 - 08:42 PM

Ross or David or Rip Are these programs any good.Do they do what they claim to do. You can click them on and read the articles. Would like a little feed back on these please. Thanks. Ron.

Maintain Your PC's Health
Fix-It Utilities 6 vs. System Mechanic 6

You wouldn’t think of driving your car for 50,000 miles before changing the oil and doing a bit of routine maintenance. Likewise, you shouldn’t use your PC for 5,000 hours without any upkeep. An easy way to maintain your system is to use a one-stop system utility suite. Fix-It Utilities 6 ($49.95;) fix it utilities ) and System Mechanic 6 ($49.95; system mechanic ) are two utility products. While both suites will clean and maintain your PC, Fix-It Utilities 6 includes antivirus software, a one-stop solution center, and SMARTCheck to detect and notify you of hard drive problems before any data loss occurs. System Mechanic 6 comes with a memory defragmenter, duplicate file inspector, and an easy-to-read PC system status report on the opening screen.

by Jennifer Johnson

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